My First Release Day – Night Walker

Hi everyone –

I’m in my office chair, my eyes brimming with tears as the clock nears midnight and my amazing over-the-top-fabulous publisher sends me this pic…

That’s her son holding up a copy of my book.

Just saying “my book” makes me all choked up! Yeek!

For those who might not know, this has been a long super hard-fought journey with this book-of-my-heart. I almost gave up on Calisto and Kate a few different times.

I’m so glad I didn’t!

And I can’t wait to get my hands all over that book!!! LOL

In the past 10 years that I’ve published short stories and struggled to find a home for my novels, I’ve gotten to know many of you online and your support over the years through blog comments, emails and virtual hugs has meant the world to me! I feel like I’m finally coming through for all of you who have been rooting for me.

You have helped make this day possible and I’ll never be able to thank you all enough!!!

If you click on the cover here, you’ll find links to all sorts of online stores to grab a copy of Night Walker…

I also have book plates now that I would be happy to sign and mail you! Just shoot me an email and I’ll send one right out to you…

I feel like a huge dork over here bawling in the corner of my office! Yeesh! But seeing someone holding a copy of Night Walker is a dream I had nearly given up on… Shew!

Receiving pics like this… of people who are coming along on the Night Walker journey with me are priceless and make my day, month, year! LOL (Thank you Wendy for posting the pic for me!!! You Rock!!!)

So in honor of Night Walker releasing this month, I’m going to hold a photo contest… Please take a photo of you with your copy of Night Walker, even if it’s a picture of you and your Kindle or Nook, eBooks totally count!!! Just make it so I can see the title page…

At the end of August, I’ll choose winners from the pics and they’ll win some Night Walker prize packs of goodies!!!

And to my fabulous Street Team members who have been behind the scenes supporting this book every step of the way, you can all play in this contest too!

I’ll be signing books at RomCon in Denver this weekend, and then hosting a book signing launch party here in San Diego at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore on August 14th at 2pm! I’d love to meet all of you if you’re nearby!

Also, you can jump in our virtual launch party on facebook tomorrow all day and win goodies there too!!/event.php?eid=219541484756584 Commenters and RSVPs will all be entered to win stuff… Fun!

I read excerpts of Night Walker on blogtalk radio, so if you’re curious you can listen here…

Thank you SO much for believing in me and supporting me and Night Walker!!! I can’t wait to see your pictures of you with Night Walker…. J You can email them to me at lisa at

I hope you all enjoy Night Walker…

*HUGS to all of you*

Lisa J


About Lisa Kessler

I've published short stories in print anthologies and magazines. My story, Immortal Beloved was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award and is currently a part of the Dead Souls anthology from Morrigan Books. My eBook short, Across the Veil, is now avilable in all eBook formats. My Night Series: Night Walker, Night Thief, Night Demon are available now from Entangled Publishing. NIght Child will be out in 2014. My new Moon Series will launch from Entangled EDGE in July 2013! I'm represented by Laurie McLean. Thanks for stopping by!
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34 Responses to My First Release Day – Night Walker

  1. Big huge congrats Lisa!! What an exciting day, week, month and year it will be. Have the best time ever!!

  2. Nina Croft says:

    Congratulations, Lisa!!!! Enjoy the day – and wishing you great sales.

  3. Ken Kessler says:

    Congrats, Lisa!!! I am so excited for you, and so proud of you! Knock ’em dead!!!


  4. Congratulations Lisa, The cover looks great, it really makes you want to read it, your half way there already, it will be a great success, ((((big hugs)))) x x

  5. Beth Lytle says:

    This is so great! I can’t wait to read it! It sounds like you’ve worked hard and you deserve this! : )

  6. katsrus says:

    Congrats Lisa. Wishing many sales.
    Sue B

  7. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!

  8. Rachel says:

    Big HUGS Lisa, keep the tissue handy and rock out this fab day!!! Thinking of all of you kick-a@@ Entangled launchers today!!! 🙂 I’ll chat you up tonight. Be ready for many questions. 🙂

  9. Leanne says:

    YAY!!!!! WTG Lisa!!! I’m so excited for you and the journey you’ve just begun! Many, many good wishes and hopes for huge sales going your way!


  10. Lena Frank says:

    WOOT! Congrats Lisa! =D You totally deserve this for all the hard work you’ve put into it.
    (By the way I would totally bawl like a baby at my office desk too if I got pics like those!)

  11. Lisa Harwood says:

    Yay congratulations Lisa!! I hope you have the best day and you sell loads and loads of copies

  12. sivadain says:

    Congratulations, sweets! Ya did it!! So proud of you!!

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  14. Congrats Lisa,
    I know you are going to sell so many copies of Night Walker. It’s absolutely amazing and so are you.
    I hope it goes all the way and becomes a bestseller coz it awesome and you totally deserve it


  15. Lynn Rush says:

    Yay. Happy dancing!!!! So exciting. Enjoy the journey, my friend!!

  16. Huge Congrats Lisa! Doing the WOW happy dance with you 😉

  17. Congratulations! I know myself I can’t wait to read Night Walker and blab about it.

  18. Zori Simone says:

    So excited to read it! Congratulations, Lisa!

  19. Tam Linsey says:

    I’m so happy, too, Lisa! Not only for you, but because Night Walker sounds like an awesome read! Definitely on my TBR list, now.

  20. Yay, Lisa! Celebrate in style. You deserve it.

    www. lindathomas-sundstrom. com

  21. Isis Rushdan says:

    Congratulations, Lisa!! Wishing you great success. Have fun celebrating.

  22. HUGE congrats, Lisa! Enjoy this, and here’s to many more release days to come. : )

  23. daniellemonsch says:

    I’m so happy for you Lisa. I’m one of the ones who have gotten to know you online, and I have found you to be such a caring, upbeat, loving soul who through your own struggles always had a kind word, advice, and congratulations for everyone else on their own journey.

    I’m so happy for you I’m tearing up. I wish you every success and luck this world can offer you.


  24. I’m ditto-ing all the congratulations, Lisa! You deserve all the accolades! Night Walker is a fabulous start to your Night series… I can hardly wait for your next book! AND I still think your cover is one of the sexiest covers I’ve ever seen… those abs are hot!

  25. Big congrats, Lisa – may you sell tons!

  26. Ciara Knight says:

    Congratulations, Lisa. I’m so excited for you. 🙂

  27. Congrats Lisa! I am so very happy for you and the fact that you stuck with it and now are sitting at the start of a great adventure is FABU!!! 🙂

    Can’t wait to read it!

  28. Happy release day !!! Cant wait to read it just uploaded it to my reader !! whoohooo !!!!! 😉


  29. Congrats Lisa!

    I’m cheering for you on this side of the screen, sweetie! May you have all the success in the world, you deserve it! *hugs*

  30. LaTessa says:

    Congrats Lisa!! I’ll be sure to pick up my copy this weekend.

  31. Georgie Lee says:

    Happy release day! Congratulations and much success!

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  33. joaniethewriter says:

    This is so page flippin cool! I hope the cash registers around the world go ca ching, ca ching millions of times!

    You deserve all the kudos in the world!

  34. Elena says:

    Congrats! You deserve it after so much work.

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